When it comes to furniture design, people probably first think of tables, chairs, beds and cabinets, just like the impression we have when visiting a furniture store. In fact, the content covered by “furniture” should be all the furnishings of the family. In addition to tables, chairs, beds and cabinets, the living space also includes doors and windows, partitions and lighting; parallel also includes household appliances, kitchen utensils, Bathroom fixtures and pots and pans; downwards also includes household hardware, locks, and toys. That being said, it seems that furniture design is almost all-encompassing. Because of this, doors and windows, partitions and lighting are combined with architectural design and become a specialty of space design or interior decoration; household appliances are more in line with mass production and mechanized production, so they are classified as industrial design majors; toy design is wandering. between industrial design and furniture design.

On the other hand, with the advent of the industrialized society and the rise of the modern design movement, some products similar to furniture, such as office furniture, system compartments, street furniture, car interiors and fitness equipment, have also developed by leaps and bounds into furniture design

Therefore, the current modern furniture design generally includes: tables, chairs, bed cabinets, lighting, bathroom and kitchen equipment, pots and pans, toys, office furniture, system compartments, street furniture, power vehicles (cars, planes, trains, boats) ship) interior and fitness equipment, etc. Having said that, it still seems to be all-encompassing. In fact, to understand furniture design is to understand the overlap between space design, architectural design and product design. This is the concept of postmodern furniture design. Because on the one hand, in terms of the nature of use, furniture design is almost a profession that pays the most attention to human contact, human physiological changes, and visual taste in addition to clothing design. On the other hand, in terms of the development of contemporary design majors, foreign countries often combine architecture, products, visual transmission, furniture and clothing, and even plastic arts to form the same major for training, and students will look at their own interests and opportunities after graduation. , invest in the design profession you want.

Thoughts on Postmodern Luxury Furniture Design

Perhaps when we understand postmodern product design from the addition of these major fields of design (architectural design, industrial design), it is often difficult to see clearly. Therefore, we still observe from the history of furniture design development, and it will be clearer.Furniture design has a large area of ​​development in the modern design movement (such as the aforementioned office furniture, folding chairs, system compartments, street furniture, powered vehicle interiors and fitness equipment, etc.), and in the postmodern context, furniture design is still There are some exclusive professional changes, we will analyze and explain these changes in the postmodern furniture design trend