Light luxury life is to have an elegant fashion attitude, and constantly pursue high-quality life enjoyment. With the increase of domestic light luxury furniture brands, it not only makes the furniture market more stratified, but also has a positive effect on the overall level of the market.

The style of light luxury furniture is also a collection of the strengths of many families, with both French romance and British gentlemen

Introduction of different color matching methods of light luxury furniture:Red and beige are both bright colors, and these two colors can be the main colors of living room decoration, in fact, there is no problem at all. Bright colors represent enthusiasm, so they are also suitable for use in living room decoration. Generally speaking, these two colors are used for curtains, furniture and furniture accessories. The sofa cover uses red and yellow products. The furniture is red, but the curtains are goose yellow and so on.

How about the color matching of light luxury furniture?

It is a good choice for light luxury living room furniture to use neutral colors such as milky white, beige, and beige. Bedroom furniture should not be bright red, bright yellow and other nerve-stimulating colors, and should not use depressing colors such as too deep and cold. The kitchen and bathroom are covered with light and bright tiles, giving a refreshing and clean feeling. Orange has the effect of stimulating appetite and may wish to make full use of it in the eating area. Narrow, low-rise rooms should use cool colors to expand the sense of space, and overly large rooms can be made compact with warm colors.