Neutral colors are colors with a large proportion of black or white, such as sand, stone, light yellow, gray, and brown. These colors can give people a sense of tranquility, so they are often used as background colors. If you have a preference for white, try to choose a non-standard white tone with a small amount of tint. A few colors should be used sparingly at first and then gradually increased. If you are not sure about the overall design, start from a small space or take a point-and-face approach, such as centering around your favorite painting or a piece of furniture, and see what colors go together harmoniously.

How about the color matching of light luxury furniture?

In the color matching of light luxury living room space, to coordinate the furniture with the indoor background, we can use the color and lighting of the indoor background as the main matching direction. The above is the knowledge of American furniture color matching brought to you, I hope it can be helpful to you

Introduction of different color matching methods of light luxury furniture:

Red and beige are both bright colors, and these two colors can be the main colors of living room decoration, in fact, there is no problem at all. Bright colors represent enthusiasm, so they are also suitable for use in living room decoration. Generally speaking, these two colors are used for curtains, furniture and furniture accessories. The sofa cover uses red and yellow products. The furniture is red, but the curtains are goose yellow and so on.