The living room, as the “protagonist” of a living room. It is the space where we receive relatives and friends, and the center of gravity in the home living space. Therefore, its decoration is very important. However, due to lack of experience in decoration, or lack of care in detail processing, many friends discovered the problems of inadequate decoration after the decoration of the living room was completed.

Living room decoration should pay attention to what living room decoration strategy,First, the living room should not have too many spotlights

When decorating the living room, due to the requirements of some decoration styles, it is necessary to use spotlights in the living room to bring dreamy lighting effects. But in fact, the use of spotlights not only brings dreamy lighting effects to family life, but also brings security problems. Although spotlights seem to have low wattage, they accumulate a lot of heat in small households, and generate high temperature in a short period of time, which is easy to cause fire in a long time. Secondly, these spotlights are usually only turned on when guests come, or they are only used during New Years and festivals, otherwise they are usually not used. Many comrades who installed spotlights regretted it, thinking that it was a mistake to spend money on it. Therefore, the placement of spotlights should adhere to the principle of less or less.

In the process of living room decoration, most households choose to lay floor tiles

Due to the large price gap between floor tiles on the market, they can easily cost thousands, and those with low prices only need a few dollars per piece. Many residents think that floor tiles do not need to be too good or choose low-cost floor tiles in order to save decoration costs. In fact, floor tiles need to be used for a long time in life and must have wear-resistant and anti-slip properties. Low-cost floor tiles do not have these properties. During use, it will cause accidental injuries such as slipping and slipping of family members due to non-slip and easy wear and tear. Therefore, when choosing living room floor tiles, you must not choose low-quality floor tiles because of the low price. In order to save money, many working-class people are reluctant to spend money on high-end floor tiles. In fact, this is a big mistake. First of all, floor tiles are easy-to-wear parts. If they are too cheap, they will not be wear-resistant. After a long time, the floor tiles will be footed. Secondly, the floor tiles that are too cheap are not slip-resistant, and they are easy to slip and cause accidental injury. So when buying floor tiles, at least mid-range or above.