Personality and originality are important annotations for light luxury style furniture. On the one hand, you need to inject the designer’s ingenuity on home aesthetics, and on the other hand, you need to incorporate the owner’s unique personal style to jointly create a unique home space. Maybe you don’t know, every photo, every piece of art, every lamp, every finishing touch of individual light luxury jewelry in this light luxury space will hide the owner’s life story and interpret it in a low-key way. A light called taste.

Light luxury style, a low-key and luxurious, elegant and fashionable furniture style, without complicated decoration and gorgeous burden

Like an American-style home, it abandons strong colors, gorgeous decorations, and complicated crystal lamps, and is more mixed with small and fresh simplicity and low-key, with dark brown and beige as the tones, with furniture of the same color. , low-key and comfortable, but still maintains a noble and elegant style.Having a light luxury style means that we can move with our hearts and decorate our lives in a relaxed and happy mood. This has nothing to do with the amount of wealth or the level of status. Putting aside these illusory appearances, pursuing high-quality details of life, and creating space with refined and restrained character is a wonderful thing.

The light luxury post-modern style can also be matched with this effect

Light luxury furniture style emphasizes the use of simple and pure colors, creating a spacious, bright, free and relaxed interior space that is transparent inside and outside. In this model room of the light luxury furniture living room under Tianyimeijia, the TV background wall and top surface are dominated by white, the sofa, carpet and floor are dominated by gray, and the wall is dominated by purple. The combination of colors brings out a delicate and clean texture, which is deeply fascinated by the young generation who pursue fashion.